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Fisent Technologies

Based on a decade of experience in the financial services and technology space, Fisent Technologies has developed Fisent Risk as a solution to the legacy risk assessment methods used by the majority of the financial institutions today.

By leveraging the latest in decisioning, process management and analytics technology, Fisent Risk combines all of the aspects necessary for institutions to automate their risk assessment processes. The end results are wide ranging, including reducing operating costs, mitigating regulatory risks and fines, identification of previously unknown centers of risk and many others.

Fisent Risk frees institutions to focus on scaling their business, while maintaining compliant and transparent operations. Institutions that do not approach risk assessment and management with the same attention as the rest of their business operations are exposed to a multitude of threats. Fisent Risk can help institutions to move rapidly to industry leading risk managers.

Working with us

When implementing Fisent risk at your organization you will be supported by a world-class team of developers, technical and business experts, and SMEs.

Direct Involvement

Implementations are collaborative and guided by Fisent's own team.

Prebuilt Models

The application delivers value with minimal configuration.

Flexible Deployments

Capable of installing in a wide variety of environments.

Customizable Processes

Design specific business processes that are tailored to your direct needs.

Experienced Guidance

Leverage Fisent's SMEs and industry experience to get live fast.

Value Driven

Focus on creating meaningful value in a cost effective delivery model.

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