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    AI enabled risk
    assessments for financial institutions.

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    What is
    Fisent Risk?

    Fisent Risk is an advanced risk engine and risk management platform that allows institutions to calculate, manage and maintain quantitative customer risk scores, as well as automate the associated risk assessment lifecycle.

    By using the Fisent Risk platform, institutions can automate a substantial number of their initial and periodic customer risk reviews. In addition, the institution can leverage complex risk models through a simple, user friendly interface, which can be managed directly by end users.

    Manage risk from a single unified platform

    Leverage AI to automate unstructured tasks

    Automate risk reviews and reduce overhead associated with ongoing risk management

    Calculate complex risk looking across many factors, including relationships and behaviour

    Build and maintain proprietary algorithms

    Why use a risk engine and platform?

    Current solutions for managing risk are out of date, lack scalability, auditability and the complexity necessary to meet modern regulatory requirements and industry demands.

    A risk engine can enable institutions to take their manual, fragmented risk assessment processes and move them into a defined, objective, auditable framework. A risk platform can help institutions to streamline and organize the process of calculating risk, as well as the ongoing management of that risk.

    Save by eliminate excel and paper based processing

    Provide a single interface for audit risk review

    Enforce business processes, SLAs and intelligent work routing

    Use our platform to drive and enhance decisioning

    Risk should not be rocket science

    Fisent Risk provides the tools you need to review and automate complex risk decisioning.
    Visualize complex risk networks and surface relationships between parties.
    Leverage industry leading case management tools to simplify the process.
     Define decision rules and triggers to enable straight-through processing.

    Integrated Risk
    Lifecycle Management

    Manage your entire end-to-end risk lifecycle through a single platform and interface

    New Customers

    Periodic Reviews

    Event Driven

    Detailed Auditing

    Periodic Reviews


    For more information we recommend scheduling a demo and initial risk assessment.
    What type of support is included with the application?

    When the application is deployed we provided complete support and maintenance for all issues via a dedicated service desk.

    How is the platform hosted/deployed?

    Fisent offers a variety of solutions for deployment, including shared cloud, dedicated cloud and even support for on premise hosting.

    Can the risk model be customized?

    The risk model is heavily customizable depending on the specific policies and tolerances of the institution. In fact it was designed this way deliberately.

    Do you offer APIs or interfaces?

    Customers can interact with Fisent Risk both as a platform, as well as by leveraging REST APIs for more complex or targeted integrations.

    How complex is the implementation?

    Fisent Risk can be implemented significantly faster than a traditional Pega application. The solution has been designed to deliver standard capabilities with minimal configuration.

    How does Fisent Risk use AI?

    Fisent risk is taking advantage of the latest AI technology by developing connectors to important services like OpenAI to integrate the latest GPT models. There are already a number of natural use cases developed using GPT, including documentAI and riskAI, solutions that are transforming the way organizations can manage unstructured work.

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